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At Foliage Design Systems, we believe all the people involved have led to our success. Our offices work hard to provide our customers with interiorscape products and services that best meet their needs. Without our loyal clients, we would have no foundation to provide our franchisees with the best opportunities to  succeed.

Don’t just take our word though. Here is what some of our clients and franchisees have to say about their FDS experience.

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Foliage Design
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 by Andrew Pego
40 Years in the Making!

Extremely proud to have not only celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Franchise, but also our 40 years of being a part of this amazing company for the Miami, FL branch. This community has shown professionalism, expertise, and offered assistance for those entering the franchise to ensure success. Highly recommend!

 by Donna Pelto
Happy 50th Anniversary!!

We so enjoyed catching up with everyone at our 50th Anniversary Franchise meeting!! It is always a delight to get together with so many talented professionals in the interiorscape field. I have been working for Foliage Design Systems since I was a junior in high school when my grandfather purchased a franchise in South MS. over 35 years ago. I have been blessed by the FDS team in more ways than I can say over the years. They never cease to make themselves available to share from a wealth of vast knowledge when I am in need and the corporate meetings are a great source of encouragement and information as well. It is an honor to celebrate 50 years with such an amazing family! Blessings to you all!!

 by Teresa Simpkins
Happy 25 years!

Happy 25th anniversary to us!!! I can’t believe we’ve been working together for almost 25 years already. Because of that, I feel the need to let everyone know, once again, what I think about Foliage Design. You’ve held a very important role in our company from the very first, whether it was the indoor foliage, interior and exterior holiday décor or special projects for events.

I want to extend my sincere appreciation for the first class service you have provided our three properties over these many years. You have an exceptional staff that are professional, knowledgeable, polite, easy to work with and they always keep everything looking pristine. You all are AMAZING! Thank you for all you do to make us look so good! I look forward to our continued partnership for many more years to come.

Thank you, Teresa! It has been our pleasure to provide your plants and holiday decor. We look forward to many more years with your beautiful hotel!

 by Nathan Wilson
CSE Green Wall

Hi Scott, I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how happy we are with the wall and the continued service. Our CEO has probably told me 5 or 6 times how much he loves what you guys did and he made a comment the other day about how awesome of a job you guys have done in keeping it healthy and looking great.

 by Mary F. Sharp
Commercial Real Estate

“It is a pleasure to thank Foliage Design Systems for the excellent interiorscape service provided during our 20-year relationship with your company. CB Richard Ellis Memphis entrusts Foliage Design Systems to care for the interior gardens of over 2,000,000 square feet of our Memphis commercial real estate managed properties portfolio. Whether the job is large or small, you consistently exceed expectations and we are often complimented on the beauty of our atriums. When thinking green, Foliage Design Systems comes to mind!”

Mary F. Sharp

Chief Operating Officer

CB Richard Ellis Memphis, LLC

 by G. Munn
Office Building

“I recently cancelled my service with one of the largest foliage rental companies in Florida, and switched to FOLIAGE DESIGN SYSTEMS. It amazes me how a big company like that could spend so much money for advertisement, trucks, and personnel… and miss the mark on where the proverbial tire meets the road… SERVICE.

Thank you… YOUR service has been great… the attendants are respectful, efficient, caring, and have been informative as to my questions about our plants and service. Your plants and the administration of our rental service is first rate, and I plan on spreading the word to other commercial properties.

These days… businesses DO NOT necessarily have to be extremely competitively priced to keep their accounts… GOOD PRODUCT AND SERVICE IS ALWAYS WORTH THE EXTRA MONEY!

Thanks for your continued personal touch.”

G. Munn

AVEX Building

Prop/Bldg Mgr.

WJH Properties

 by Brother Konrad Diebold, FSC

"This letter is probably long overdue, but I just watched your maintenance crew trim and take care of the atrium plantings at St. Patrick High School, and I am always so impressed with the care, attention to detail, and attentive service they give on their weekly visits. Visitors to our school never cease to comment on the "genius" of the indoor landscaping and how it augments the overall design of our new addition."

Brother Konrad Diebold, FSC


Saint Patrick High School

 by Ms. Teresa Donahue

"I have been working with you for six years now and have to say that as we are growing, Foliage Design Systems is growing better and better. You have definitely exceeded my expectations of what your company would be able to assist with. After seeing what you can do with our properties, I have complete confidence that there is no job that Foliage Design Systems can’t handle."

Ms. Teresa Donahue,

Director of Administration

Sierra Lodgings, Inc.

 by Mr. Frank M. Noto,

"Although I have worked with a multitude of interiorscape experts, your knowledge, ingenuity, persistence and plain old hard work impressed me like no other. Few people understand the demanding nature of the work involved in opening a shopping mall, but fortunately you can be counted among that group. Your talents obviously extend to your people skills. The ability to work harmoniously with the various trades and professions involved is one of the keys to a successful installation, and you showed a mastery of the concept, negotiating, cooperating, and compromising as needed to keep us moving forward. Your sensitivity to human needs kept everyone, even your own overworked crew, happy and productive."

Mr. Frank M. Noto

Director of Landscaping

The Rouse Company

 by Chris S. McDuff
Office Building

“Foliage Design Systems has been my preferred vendor for interior plants and holiday decorations for approximately eight years servicing as many as four properties within my portfolio. Over the course of our business relationship, Foliage Design Systems has provided premier service to our properties at a reasonable price. I highly recommend this company to you for all your interior plant and holiday decoration needs.”

Chris S. McDuff

Senior Property Manager

Harbert Realty Services

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