Decorative Planters

You spent a lot of time and money to redecorate. The design is perfect! Now add some beautiful plants for a powerful statement. But why add those cheap big box store planters that don’t even come close to fitting your new design? What if the planters leak? You can ruin a floor or a desk top and that can be very expensive to repair.

At FDS we offer stylish planters that will compliment every design theme. Our planters are durable and we will not sell a planter that has not been made waterproof by either the manufacturer or our own professional process. (See our warranty) so your investment is protected. Planters are available to fit the smallest area such as a desk top all the way up to giant lobby planters to fit 20 ft tall trees and palms. We stock affordable plastic cylinders in popular colors that are sturdy and contemporary. For higher end designs, we offer artistically styled planters on par with the finest of furnishings. Here is an example of planter materials offered by FDS:

  • Fiberglass
  • Resin/plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Recycled products
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Renewable bamboo
  • Glass
  • Concrete
  • Resin reinforced concrete

See our corporate catalog for more  examples.

Many planter styles are only available through professional dealers such as FDS and often more affordable when compared to furniture. Our design professionals can match planters to any furniture line or building architecture. Contact your FDS office for a cost free consultation.