Exterior Containers

So why would the INTERIOR plant expert be talking about EXTERIOR planters? The key word is PLANTER. The freestanding planter requires special plant care skills as water is metered out with precision not called for in the exterior bed, precisely what our technicians deal with every day. Not all ground planted plants will survive in the confines of a container, so the proper plant selection comes only from years of practical experience. We have it. Our design professionals carefully combine flowers, vines and colorful plants, all suited to the specific conditions at your building entry, reception, plaza seating arrangement, deck or roof top. Exterior freestanding planters are most popular where maximum impact is needed and dollar for dollar, do more to scream “Luxury” than any alternative.   See our catalog for container images.  Here is some ways exterior planters can enhance your space:

Identify an EntryIMG_20120621_133421

Restaurants, building lobbies and entry doors are not always easy to find. Even driving by at highway speed, you can pick out a profusion of color spilling out of stylish planters at either side of a door.

Channel traffic.

Free standing planters can be used to define pathways or block off areas that you do not want your guests to enter. Larger concrete planters are used to control vehicular traffic and provide security barriers without the unwelcome harshness fencing or barricades.

Exterior seating areas

where ever people go to enjoy the urban outdoor environment you can be sure they will appreciate flowers and plants along with comfortable seating, umbrellas and perhaps shade trees and water features.

Roof tops, patios and decks

The demand for green spaces in our lives is like never before. City buildings are planting roof top gardens and adding planters to meet the demand. Instead of losing green areas cities, municipalities and private businesses are actually increasing green areas.

It is a proven fact that plants and flowers at home, in the workplace or wherever people recreate make us feel better. Our FDS professionals can customize a planting scheme complete with outdoor approved plants and planters just for you. For a cost free consultation, contact the FDS office closest to you