Holiday Décor

Hate to decorate your own Christmas tree? Not looking forward to hanging that wreath or garland? Not us, we love it! Holiday decorations will brighten the mood of your office, keep your tenants happy and put a smile on that shopper. Remember, a smiling shopper is a spending shopper! At FDS the Holidays never ends. We spend all year reviewing design trends and gather holiday décor and components from across the globe. Our designs are wildly popular and you can find one of our themes to match perfectly with any existing design. We can customize special themes to suit any need. Here are just a few ways professionally installed holiday décor can benefit you:

The Office

Don’t make the employees decorate. Keep them productive while we transform your space into the holiday spirit.

The Building

So you stored your old holiday decorations in a crowded closet. Do you think your building engineer wants to take them out, fluff them up and hang those wreaths and garlands in the lobby? I have never met one who does but I can always tell when one did. Sound familiar? Our wreaths garlands trees and specialty decorations are built and refurbished in our warehouses well in advance of installation day. Our installers move swiftly, and use only the best and unobtrusive hardware to hang your decorations. Our best refurbishers simultaneously visit your decorations a second time to insure visual perfection. And when the Holiday is over, your decorations magically disappear and are professionally repackaged and stored in our dedicated facility.

The Hotel

We uses all the mentioned professional techniques with one exception. If your project is a large one, we send an army of elves to get the work done! This means that your Hotel guests are not disturbed. We understand the need for swift accurate and complete work in the Hotel and at FDS we know how many people it takes to get the job done and we never miss a dead line.

We are planning and working on Holiday programs all year long but you need to contact an FDS design professional well in advance of the Holidays. Our work is very popular and installation time slots are limited. When to call? If you want us to bid existing work please call the first week of December so we can have a look at what you presently have. Otherwise it is never too early and October is getting late, so call now!