Huntsville / Decatur, AL

Owner / Member: Shelby Osbun Business Established: 1996 Address: 1314 Washington Street NW, Huntsville, AL 35801 Phone Number: 256.534.3399 Fax Number: 205.987.7461 Email Address: Website:

Company Profile

The Foliage Design Systems of North Alabama franchise started in 1996.    Our experienced staff of plant technicians has excellent customer service skills and in-depth knowledge of servicing interior plants.

Our customers and their front-line workers affectionately refer to us as “The Plant Ladies.”   We bring beautiful plants to their surroundings and smiles to their faces. Our service significantly improves the quality of their working environment without any of the stress and mess that so often accompany the arrival of other service providers.  All of this is appealing to our customers.  However, the unique aspect of our business is that we do not focus only on these visual enhancements to the environment.  We also strive to educate our customers on the potential health, environmental, and “bottom line” financial benefits of having live plants in their interior spaces.  This educational aspect is a core value for our business.

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