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Owner / Member: Mark Worsdale Business Established: 1981 Address: 7104 SW 47th Street Miami , Florida 33155 Phone Number: 305.665.7542 Toll-Free Phone: 800.226.7542 Fax Number: 305.665.9094 Email Address: Website:

Company Profile

Founded in 1981 by Mark Worsdale and his wife, Beth, FDS Miami is one of the oldest and most experienced FDS franchises in the country. What started as a small operation has flourished into one of South Florida’s premier interior plantscaping design, installation and maintenance providers. FDS Miami holds an impressive client list ranging from high-end corporate offices and hotels in Downtown Miami to distinguished homes in Coral Gables.

Mark’s passion for plants began in his teenage years with a job at Fairchild Gardens. This led him to pursue a Tropical Botany degree from Florida International University, where he was later named head of the university nursery. From there, Mark spring-boarded into the Florida horticultural community and began networking with plant enthusiasts throughout the state.

In 1981, when a then-young FDS was looking to expand their operations to South Florida, Mark was the perfect candidate. By the end of that year, FDS Miami was officially incorporated into Dade County. Even thirty years later, Mark continues to learn from the collaborations and connections he’s made with members of Florida’s vibrant horticultural community—regardless of whether they’re a PhD or a backyard grower.

And now, Mark has gotten the opportunity to share his love for horticulture with the next generation; Mark’s son-in-law, Andrew Pego, joined FDS after he received his bachelor’s degree from Florida International University and was inspired to continue the family legacy and nurture his passion for South Florida foliage. As General Manager, Andrew hopes to lead FDS Miami into the next wave of interiorscaping.  This has allowed Mark to step back into a consulting and oversight role while Andrew brings a new wave of ideas and excellence to FDS Miami.

Over the past 30 years, the business has grown from a humble start-up franchise into a successful operation with private offices, nurseries and a fleet of trucks. FDS Miami’s amenities now boast a 10,000 sq. foot shade house, a 5,000 sq. ft palm house, and a 2500 sq. foot packing house.

“We’ve come a long way in thirty years and I can’t wait to see what the next thirty has in store for us.

— Owner, Mark Worsdale

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