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Orlando Residence Green Wall

Categories: Location: Orlando, FL Awards: Green Walls Award - Private Residence





The Woodlands, Texas, June 10, 2016


Johnson Fediw Associates, publisher of I-Plants Magazine, announced the winners of its International Design Contest today.  Foliage Design Systems won the Second Place, Green Walls Award for their project Private Residence.



Entries were judged by a panel of 4 experts—Riley Anderson, a landscape designer; Rich Batcho, a special events designer; Mike Lewis, an interior plantscape designer; and Mary Golden, Advocacy Incubator for Green Plants for Green Buildings.  Entries were judged on the uniqueness and innovation of their design; innovative use of materials; appropriateness for the space; and satisfaction of the client.


“This project is unique for its design.  This team really thought outside the box to bring their client and their client’s visitors something truly special,” says Kathy Fediw, LEED AP ID+C, publisher of I-Plants Magazine.  “This innovative project is an inspiration to others in the design industry and really showcases what can be done.  We are very proud to recognize their talents and know that they are bringing fresh and innovative design to their clients and their community.”



Johnson Fediw Associates is the publisher of I-Plants/Urban Horticulture Magazine and is a diversified consulting and education company serving the horticulture industry world-wide.  For more information on I-Plants Magazine go to www.I-PlantsMagazine.com.  For more information on how Foliage Design Systems can improve the design and well-being of your building go to www.foliagedesign.com.