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Location: ORLANDO, FL

Check out this beauty!  Would you believe these panels consist of dried moss?  That means NO WATERING!  They really make this waiting area stunning!  Foliage Design can create a moss… Read more »

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Twin Green Walls

Location: Huntsville, AL

Foliage Design Systems of Huntsville, Alabama  shared images of  this beautiful set of twin green walls.  Can you imagine this space without these beauties?  The plants  truly change the look… Read more »

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Miami Green Wall

Location: Miami, FL

What a beautiful green wall addition to this Miami office!  The vibrant plants are colorful,  the structure adds dimension to the seating area and is artfully done.  This is truly… Read more »

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Private Residence

Location: Atlanta, GA

Built just after the Civil War in 1869, this building has been used as a tractor factory, a motorcycle club headquarters, and most recently, has been renovated for an Atlanta… Read more »

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