Replica / Artificial Plants and Flowers

While live plants are more popular there are times when an artificial plant can be perfect. When you need the look of a live plant but can’t or don’t want to care for it artificial can make sense. Live plants need a certain amount of light and some locations just are not bright enough so an artificial plant may just fit the bill. But, what we offer are not your mother’s silk plants! In fact artificial plants are not even made of silk any more. We carry only high quality; commercial grade artificial plants that are astonishingly real in appearance and some even feel like the real thing. But, you can’t use all Replica/artificial plants for all applications. Her is a general guide:

Polyester blends

Life like graphics transferred to fabric to create total realism. Artificial branches mounted to either synthetic or natural wood trunks. Our greatest selection is in Polyester. Vines, bushes, grasses, flowers and trees. Some plants can be had as fire resistant. Not suitable outdoors.

Foam core

Plants molded from foam with life like image transfer, even feels real. While more expensive foam core can fool the pros! Not suitable outdoors.


Actual live plant chemically treated to be preserved. The ultimate in realism because they are real plants, just not alive. Available in giant palms to small evergreens, not all plants available. Most expensive, not suitable for outdoors.

Poly Blends

The most durable some are specially manufactured to withstand outdoor use. Many shrubs and topiaries available. Many artificial plants require specialized assembly , installation and shaping techniques. At FDS we can work with you to establish what the best artificial planting plan is for your application This often includes a cost free site visit from one of our designers. We can customize plant sizes , selections and planter options to suit your design and budget. Contact your FDS representative for a cost free consultation.