Thank You to All Veterans!

I just spoke with David Butchko, our regional manager for the west coast of Florida. He told me a quick story that happened this past weekend. He was on line at the grocery store and behind him was a man in one of those wheelchair shopping carts. He had both a prosthetic arm and leg. Without thinking David just started to load the man’s groceries onto the conveyer. To David’s surprise the man took his hand and told him “no one had ever done anything like this for him” Without letting go of his hand he told him that he lost his arm and leg at war in Iraq.

David thanked him for his service and thought nothing of it but as he left he had the feeling that shoppers were intentionally trying to avoid contact with this veteran. He said to me, if it wasn’t for that guy, we might not even be in line buying groceries.  I would like to believe that if he can pick up an M-16 for us, we can pick up a half gallon of milk for him.

So as the 4th of July approaches Foliage Design Systems wants you all to join us in thanking all of the brave men and women of the United States armed forces for their service to our Country.

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