The Benefits Of Owning A FDS Franchise

A key to a successful business venture is securing a unique, profitable franchise operation. Foliage Design Systems provides its franchisees with training, support and resources to acquire everything needed to provide premium industry services to a myriad of businesses in your area.

FDS sells plants, planters and related materials and provides ongoing plant care services. Our business model provides recurring revenue under contract.  Because our work is conducted on the client premises, FDS does not require a costly store, which in turn, demands long hours of precise staffing.  FDS service personnel spend all of their time generating income without unpredictable or predictable slow periods and do not handle cash.

Currently, almost five million commercial buildings exist in the U.S Marketplace, including 5,723 registered hospitals, and 72 million sq. feet of convention centers. Beyond this, there are thousands of other establishments all requiring services for improving their building’s indoor atmosphere and aesthetics.

Foliage Design Systems has been franchising since 1980, with an impressive network of 36 individual members in 20 markets. Twenty-four of these owners have been in business for 10 plus years, twelve have been in business for over 20 years.

Our corporate offices, located in Orlando, Florida, offer support and assistance to current and potential franchise owners. A preferred vendor list of the finest plant industry products, often at a discount,  is supplied to Foliage Design owners.    In addition, new franchise owners are trained in project/budget consultation, professional plant health management, plant care/maintenance, quality assurance and the latest in current design concepts and trends.  Our commitment to franchising doesn’t end with training and resources. We are dedicated to helping your business grow and expand your customer base.   To see the full list of benefits, visit our Franchise FAQ page here.

Remember, as with any big decision, research as much as you can before committing. Determine if a franchise is right for you and keep the six tips below in mind:

  • Seek out advice from an unbiased party or a trusted financial advisor
  • Know the business you’re getting into, and know when to say no
  • Know and understand your legal rights
  • Consider other priorities in your life
  • Ask yourself if you’re good with customers and comfortable being in the public eye
  • Speak with existing franchisees and learn about their experiences

Now that you know how Foliage Design Systems can work for you, we look forward to building your business with a system that works.  For more information, contact us today!


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